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Two areas we’re extremely active in are Loughton and Woodford, quickly accessible from our Romford base allowing for same day delivery of skips at short notice. Many clients in these areas have made use of our skip hire services time and time again, but others may be picking up the phone for the first time. For the benefit of these new clients, we’ve penned this latest blog – things to know before hiring skips

Things to Know Before You Hire Skips

Allowed Waste – While skips are a versatile waste management solution capable of taking all sorts of waste types, from construction materials and green waste to recyclables and much, much more – there are certain prohibited waste types that skip hire is unsuitable for. Before launching a project in Loughton or Woodford, consider the waste that will be generated and cross-check it to said list of allowed/prohibited waste to save disappointment and potential expense.

Hire Term – How long do you expect a project to take? Our skip hire terms are fairly flexible, but obviously longer terms are charged at a higher rate. Clients in Loughton and Woodford can ensure they keep costs to a minimum by accurately estimating the length they will require the skips we provide. This may also help you better schedule in and pace the required work.

The Right Size – As you will see over on our dedicated skip sizes page, there are a number of options when it comes to skip hire. Getting the right size is important for two reasons: a) cost, as with hire term and b) convenience; projects around Loughton and Woodford can grind to a temporary halt if skips get filled earlier than expected. While we’ll be quick to attend and collect skips, and replace them with empty ones if so required, it’s still a minor delay that can be a bit of a nuisance.

Placement – Do you have a large enough space for skips to sit on your property, not obstructing public walkways or highways? Perfect! Be sure that the ground is solid enough to take the weight, and that loading areas are safe. But if your property or the property you’re working on in the Loughton or Woodford areas doesn’t have space for skips, skip hire is still a totally valid waste management solution. You’ll simply need a permit to place it on a public highway. We’re happy to help you secure said permit as part of our inclusive skip hire service.

For skips in Loughton and Woodford, look no further than AMT Skip Hire. Call our friendly team today on 0170 8760 118.