Skip Sizes | AMT Skip Hire

We have a range of different sized skips available to ensure you can hire something suited to your particular project. These include:

4 Yard Skips – Capable of taking around 45 black bin bags worth of waste. Small enough to fit on most residential driveways, and suitable for house clearances, re-turfing and similar, smaller projects.

6 Yard Skips – Holding upward of 65 bin bags, these skips give you a bit more room to play with, making them ideal for minor landscaping tasks such as the construction of a small patio.

8 Yard Skips – With a capacity of 80 or more bin bags, these skips are appropriate for extensions and major refurbishments, and multi-phase projects that will take place over a number of weeks.

12 Yard Skips – Capable of holding over 120 bin bags, these are our largest skips and geared toward commercial and industrial clients in Romford and the wider East London area. If you’re anticipating a lot of waste, accept no substitute.

Unsure which size skip to opt for? Call AMT Skip Hire in Romford for advice. You can reach us on 01708 760 118 or 07970 896 913.