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Skips exist to not only make disposing of large amounts of waste easy, straight-forward and affordable, but to make it safe. But there are still many accidents that have occurred over the years due to improper or reckless use of skips. So as the Loughton area’s top waste management specialist, AMT Skip Hire has looked to provide some tips on staying safe when making use of our services…

Skip Safety Tips

Careful Loading – When loading a skip, it can be tempting to sacrifice attentiveness for sheer speed. This is partly why the amount of injuries that occur due to reckless skip loading is remarkably high. We’d urge customers in Loughton to be methodical when loading waste into their skip, placing in heavier items first and packing lighter ones around them. Obviously, follow all the usual wisdom when loading heavy items to avoid back injuries and other such health problems. What’s more, don’t overfill the skip as this could mean items fall out and injure those loading or working around the skip.

Don’t Ditch Dangerous Materials – There’s a fairly lengthy list of items that can’t be placed in skips, the reason for each being fairly obvious – e.g asbestos, chemicals, paints, oils and batteries being hazardous. So before you get going, speak with your skip hire provider to ensure that the waste you need to dispose of is safe for placement in skips. The danger isn’t just to you handling the materials, or our team encountering them when we take your skip to our processing facility near Loughton, but certain items could compress or spill in the skip and lead to on-site hazards during your project, even if it’s something as straight forward as a house clearance!

PPE – Another tip we give our Loughton customers is to use appropriate personal protective equipment. If lifting items with sharp edges, wear gloves. If disposing of a very fine waste that could blow into your eyes or mouth, wear goggles or even a mask. Likewise, with very heavy items, sturdy steel capped boots can be an effective measure. AMT Skip Hire ensures its staff use PPE at all times, and following in the pros footsteps is rarely a bad thing!

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