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There are a few simple rules and regulations which govern the provision and use of skips. As Romford’s first choice skip hire company, AMT Skip Hire is well-familiarised with said regulations, and regularly provides advice to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in this area. To provide an easy resource for those curious in learning about these rules, we’ve put together the following information… More interested in booking cheap skips in Romford or a surrounding area we cover? Cut right to the chase by calling us on 01708 760 118 or 07970 896 913.

Rules & Regulations Governing Skips

Placement – If skips are placed soundly on your own property, for example on a private driveway or path, they’re fair game as long as they don’t restrict access to others’ driveways or block access to essential utilities. Romford residents should also keep in mind that skips should be placed at least 15m from junctions.

Permits – But not everyone has space to put skips on their private property. If you need to place yours on a public road, you’ll need to head to Romford’s local council for a permit. Skip hire permits feature a few stipulations, such as the need to place safety lights and markings on/around the skip, to warn motorists and passers-by of its presence in low light conditions. Unsure of how to apply for skip permits? The AMT Skip Hire team can help procure a permit on your behalf.

Banned Items – While many different types of waste can be placed in a skip, not everything can. Extra fees or fines can be doled out when dangerous waste is placed in skips, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with the list of prohibited items, or ask your skip hire firm of choice whether or not a specific substance can be disposed of. Tyres, batteries, oil, asbestos, chemical and most white goods should all be disposed of by other means, which we’re happy to recommend as Romford’s local waste management specialists.

For cheap skip hire in the Romford area, choose home town heroes AMT Skip Hire. You can reach us on 01708 760 118 or 07970 896 913.